What does the Arizona State Legislature enact to create laws governing real estate activities?

What does the Arizona state legislature enact to create laws governing real estate activities? … The legislature enacts the laws in the state of Arizona, called the Arizona Revised Statutes.

What does the Arizona Department of Real Estate administer?

The commissioner’s duty is to administer the state’s real estate law through the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE). Divisions within the department enforce licensing, education and compliance with the law. The commissioner has the authority to investigate complaints and suspicions of violations.

Which chapter of the Arizona Administrative Code is about state real estate department?

Title 4 – Professions and Occupations. Chapter 28 – STATE REAL ESTATE DEPARTMENT.

What is Article 26 of the Arizona Constitution?

Article XXVI of the Arizona Constitution is entitled Right of Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salesmen to Prepare Instruments Incident to Property Transactions.

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Which article of the Arizona state Constitution defines the governmental powers responsibilities and internal structure of the state of Arizona?

Established a state government by defining powers, responsibilities, and internal structure. You just studied 74 terms!

Who is responsible for formulating rules and regulations in Arizona?

The Arizona Administrative Code (rules) are proposed by the licensing agency holding the responsibility under their statutes to develop rules.

What is the intent of the Arizona Administrative Code?

The Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) is where the official rules of the state of Arizona are published. The Code is the official collection of rules that govern state agencies, boards, and commissions.

What is Arizona code?

The Arizona area codes are 602, 520, 480, 623 and 928. 602 remained the only area code for Arizona for a long time until in 1995 when the State’s area code was split into 2. The Maricopa County retained area code 602 while rest of Arizona started using 520.

What is the Arizona Administrative Register?

The Administrative Register (Register) is a legal publication published by the Administrative Rules Division that contains information about rulemaking activity in the state of Arizona. The Register is published by a numbered volume in a calendar year.

What are the three types of legislative resolutions in Arizona?

Resolution – Legislation introduced in either the House of Representatives or the Senate, but unlike bills they may be limited in effect to the Congress or one of its chambers. The three types of resolutions are joint resolutions, simple resolutions and concurrent resolutions.

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How does the Arizona state constitution organize its legislative branch?

The Arizona State Legislature is a bicameral system with two legislative bodies. It consists of an upper house called the Senate and a lower house called the House of Representatives. … A Speaker of the House is elected by the House of Representatives to lead them. The Arizona Senate is the upper house.

How does Arizona Constitution organize its legislative branch?

The Legislative branch is comprised of the State’s two principal law making bodies, the Arizona Senate and the Arizona House of Representatives, as well as the Office of the Auditor General, the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, and Legislative Council. … The State of Arizona has eleven statewide elected officials.

Can the Arizona Legislature adopt a law that contradicts the US Constitution?

Under Arizona’s Constitution, the electorate shares lawmaking authority on equal footing with the Arizona Legislature. The voters may adopt laws and constitutional amendments by ballot initiative, and they may approve or disapprove, by referendum, measures passed by the Legislature.

How is the Arizona Constitution different from the US Constitution?

There are both state and federal constitutions, but the federal constitution reigns supreme. The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land and cannot be overridden by any state. … Arizona’s Constitution can only expand upon its federal counter-part.

What is unique about the Arizona Constitution?

The Arizona Constitution is also very different. It uses significantly different language, contains more expansive civil liberties, and builds several unique institutions, specific to Arizona’s special political community.

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